tactical strategy and timing game


Exciting game that challenges you to use tactical strategy and timing to block the target objects in the play area...

Split the play area with a simple swipe and block the target object in the smaller split area. It sounds simple. Well... It is a simple minimal game. BUT... Does it sound easy? NOT with a moving target and other objects which attack your splitting line. 


  • Split the play area with a simple swipe.
  • The smaller split area is blocked!
  • The bigger split area is the new play area.
  • You win, when the target object is blocked in the blocked area.
  • You lose, if the target (or one of the other enemy objects) touches the splitting line before it is complete.
  • Swipe to left, right, up and down to change the direction of the splitting (DIVIDING) lines.

Objects in the play area.. Enemies... Laser beams... And other difficulties make the splitting harder than you think.

Keep your splitting line away from the enemies and the other objects, and drive it to the safety at the right moment.

BEWARE!!! The smaller the play area, the harder it is to split and block the targets. But with your strategic skill, tactical movements, and timing you can solve many levels in this endless game. The question is: How many?

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